Gone fishing!

The Girl, her mother and a friend decided to go fishing, and of course I went with them!

Unfortunately we didn’t catch anything. Not even the tiniest fish 😦 But we got company by these two cuties:

DSC_0247 (2)

A black-backed gull and its baby πŸ˜€

Suddenly a huge gannet showed up!

DSC_0264 (2)

The kids got a little too close…

DSC_0269 (2)

DSC_0270 (2)

DSC_0271 (2)

DSC_0274 (2)

Mama to the rescue!

DSC_0279 (2)

See ya!

Of course, after all this high seas drama, The Girl got seasick, and we turned back. No fish… But hopefully next time! πŸ˜€

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The Great Boll’s great summer holiday of 2016

This year’s summer holiday was a long one, because The Girl had so much working to do. Almost three whole months away from home and the kids!


The Girl and her mother had a sales table at a local fair one day, and I helped guard the table and made sure nothing was stolen. And of course my cuteness boosted their sales πŸ™‚

The weather was mostly good, lots of sun, but also very windy, so we didn’t get to go out much. We were supposed to go on a boat trip and look at birds and stuff, but it was canceled at the last minute because the wind suddenly picked up 😦


Lots of sunsets πŸ™‚


Made a flower crown on midsummer πŸ˜€

20160705_222547Β  20160705_204241

One evening we went for a nice hike on the mountain, so we got to see the birds anyway πŸ™‚ We had to make several stops before we reached the top because I needed to rest my tiny feet in the fields of cottongrass πŸ™‚


Great view from the top!

2016-07-05 23.16.40



We stayed almost until the sun went down before we headed home. So pretty πŸ™‚

In August The Girl and her mother went to a friend’s wedding. I wanted to go too, but The Girl said I could only come if I fit in her bag. I tried to be small, but sadly I had to stay at home.


Poor choice of handbag by The Girl…


Made a new friend! πŸ™‚

Then, towards the end of August, it was finally time to go back home to our apartment. We traveled with two new friends, two little ones that The Girl found at her workplace during the summer. We waited for their owners to get in touch to get them back, but nobody did, so I adopted them πŸ™‚ They look well-traveled, so I decided they had to join me and my people on our travels πŸ˜€


When we got back in town we went straight to a restaurant, where The Boy had booked a table for us πŸ™‚


So good to be home again! πŸ˜€

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Midsummer celebration :)

It’s midsummer today! You wouldn’t think so, judging by the weather we’ve had these past few days, but today it stopped raining long enough for a photo opportunity πŸ˜› The Girl and her mother ran outside and picked flowers, and then they made me a pretty flower crown! The sun even came out for a few seconds so I could take this picture in the garden πŸ™‚


Can you see there’s a hint of a shadow to my left? πŸ˜›


Later in the evening we went down to the big bonfire, and luckily the weather still held up, even though it was a bit cold. It started raining just a little towards the end, and without the heat from the fire, we became cold and went back inside. Let’s hope for better weather in the coming weeks, so a little hog can go outside to climb trees πŸ™‚

Happy Midsummer, everyone!

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Rainy days


So what can you do on a rainy day, when it’s way too wet for a little hedgie to play outside? You could catch a cold in this weather! All the bugs are hiding and the trees are too slippery to climb 😦

You could read a good book. Preferably something without dogs!

2016-05-23 13.00.49

We have this cool book that a Swedish friend of ours have written, about a hedgehog detective that solves all kinds of interesting mysteries. A must read for everyone πŸ™‚

2016-05-23 23.23.12

You can enjoy a movie or two… The ones with scary monsters and spaceships and swordfights are the best! Or binge watch your favorite TV show πŸ™‚

2016-05-25 11.15.34

Video games!

2016-05-27 13.04.23

Solitaire πŸ™‚ A little bit lonely… but I think this is going well!


Or you can be more social and play board games with your friends and family πŸ™‚

2016-05-23 13.37.55

Velociraptor is so clever! He always finds the fanciest words. But I suspect he might be cheating…

2016-05-23 14.22.30

Drawing is always fun. Some day I’ll teach you all how to draw a perfect hedgehog picture πŸ™‚

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Last days in Athens and a long way home

Yesterday was another holiday, Epiphany, which meant that all the museum and most shops were closed, which again meant that there wasn’t much to do but relax. We visited a park with a big Zeus temple, a park that had been closed every time we went there, but for some reason it was now open. Took us only four tries! πŸ˜›


We fed some pigeons and stray dogs and cats with some leftover food as we walked through some parks and gardens.


We even found some turtles in a pond πŸ˜€

Finally we visited the ducks and goats again and gave them the last of our bread. They were really happy, but also very lazy from the heat…

Finally we stopped by our favorite place to eat, and since it was The Girl’s birthday, she got to choose the food πŸ™‚


So much cheese!

And then we spent the evening in the hotel with wine and YouTube videos πŸ™‚

Yesterday was our last day, and we were going to visit the last places we had on our list. It turned out that one of the museums didn’t even exist, or it had moved. We just couldn’t find it. Another museum was also tricky to find, so we gave up. But we did get to see the Dionysos amphitheater by the Acropolis, which was cool πŸ™‚


Unfortunately the guards there were super aggressive and for some reason it’s not allowed to photograph cute little plush hedgehogs by the archeological sites in Greece, so the people didn’t dare to take any pictures of me 😦


View of the Acropolis from the next hill πŸ™‚

In the evening we met with our new friends again, and they took us to eat in a local steakhouse. Fun πŸ™‚ And the people liked the food, even though all they served there was pork. (We don’t ever eat hogs at our house!)


One last picture of Acropolis over the ancient agora by night πŸ™‚

And today we went home. We started early to avoid stress, and the trip to the airport was relatively problem-free. But at the airport, our plane was almost 40 minutes late because of snow in Copenhagen (where it came from and would return to). When we finally got to Copenhagen, we had missed our original flight to Oslo, Norway, but we were rebooked to a flight one hour later. Which shouldn’t have been a problem because we’d calculated with delays and booked a fairly late flight from Oslo to Bergen.

But surprise surprise, our new plane from Copenhagen was delayed as well, and when we got to Oslo, we didn’t have much time after all. In fact, we had to run through the whole airport (and we got lucky and received our bags almost immediately), through another check-in, through the security check, and probably a mile from there to the gate at the other end of the building. Whew! But we made it, and now we’re finally home πŸ˜€ So good to see the kids again, after being gone almost a month!

2016-05-25 16.26.33

It’s so cold in our apartment, though, we’re all huddling together in bed and probably won’t move until it’s heated up a little. It’s -6 degrees C outside and only 12 inside! I think we’ll hibernate until spring…

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